Medalen Motivation Mix

Utmaningen har startat. Gå, jogga eller spring. Valet är ditt. Tempot, pulsen och energin finns här. Det finns inga förlorare. Bara vinnare. Tävla med dig själv och du kommer alltid att vinna. Utmana dig själv men var ingen dålig vinnare.

The challenge is on. Walking, jogging or running. The choice is yours. The tempo, the drive and the energy is here. There are no losers. Only winners. Compete with yourself and you will always win. Challenge yourself but don’t be a soar winner!

Tracklist / Mp3 / iTunes:

Crimea X – A Year Later (Taster Peter Bangs the Drum Remix)
Diego Velasco – Icarus (Original Mix)
Elektrojack – Evil Inside (Original Mix)
Pryda – Melo (Original Mix)
Jay Kay – Belfast Kiss (Original Mix)
Neil Quigley – That Whole Thing (Original Mix)
Union Jack – Blink (Club Mix)
Christian Smith, John Selway – It’s Like That (Original Mix)
Dave Seaman – Attack Of The Abalones (Original Mix)

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  1. Peter Says:

    This started out as an office challenge for the people at Dinamo. The men and women competes who can excersise the most. Good luck, guys! Keep me posted, please…

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